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German DAX is in a three wave retracement; a temporary set-back (full story)

Corn (ZC) is trying to form the 7th green daily candle in 10 days, but is struggling to maintain the rally as seen by the daily Doji beginning to form. Significantly, ZC is bumping up against upchannel resistance (on the 4hr chart) and horizontal resistance (on the daily chart). (full story)

Our researchers have been glued to Gold, Silver and the Precious Metals sector for many months. We believe the current setup in Gold is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for skilled traders to stake positions below $1300 before a potentially incredible upside price move. (full story)

Markets Discussed in This Week's Price Action Trades Weekly Preview: AUDCHF, NZDJPY, CADJPY and US00. (full story)

Its the Year of the Pig. Let that sink in On February 5, 2019, China celebrated its New Year, and 2019 is the year of the pig in China. (full story)

GOLD looks to pullback on corrective weakness. While the commodity trades below the 1,320.35 level, risk of more decline remains (full story)

The upcoming week can be very interesting and important for the EURUSD as pair firstly moved nicely higher last week, but then turned south through Thursday and Monday sessions. Question is fi current bounce will resume, or is downward wedge going to continue? (full story)

Looking at the week ahead. Actionable ideas. (full story)

Cotton prices were influenced by the swine flu disaster in China and its spillover on all commodities. The price rally continued higher as fund managers gave up their attempt to […] (full story)

FAST OVERVIEW EUR/USD will continue downtrend to 1.1235 -1.1200 while is trading below resistance 1.1365. GOLD have strong potential of uptrend with target on accumulation of resistance level 1318 1322 and then to 1332, while we sitting above support 1309 1306. WTI crude probably can have more... (full story)

Still has room to run (full story)

A Bottom has formed (full story)

Still bullish (full story)

Whats next for grain and livesetock markets? (full story)

EURUSD expects more weakness on price rejection following its lower close the past week. (full story)

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) continues edging past a 1 year downtrend/triangle resistance (on the weekly chart), along with an ongoing effort to bounce off near the June 2017 high and September 2017 low. After briefly breaking above the psychologically key 4000 whole figure level, BTCUSD has seen a bit of... (full story)

Rains continue to move through the central valley. Besides bacterial blast, jacket rot is now turning up in some almond orchards. (full story)

There is an actual science of consistency you can apply to your trading, and it works amazingly well (full story)

Resistance comes in at the 0.6900 level where a break will turn attention to the 0.6950 level. (full story)

In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Flood Damage Hits Hard; Next Dicamba Crop | and more. (full story)

The Trend Trader helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite futures markets. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps us avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness.... (full story)

The May contract is retesting the January 11 high of $11.08 this week. Keep in mind the May contract posted a key reversal down on January 11 when it last […] (full story)

It’s been nice to see some tractors on the move this week. Fieldwork has been has been spotty and scattered, but it’s nice to see something happening for a change. […] (full story)

Our Chemistry or Herbicide choices have not changed significantly; however, there are some new or at least different opportunities that are available in fields that have either Enlist or Xtend […] (full story)

Clethodim is quickly replacing glyphosate as the “go-to” herbicide for grass control in West Tennessee. It began a few years ago as folks found that ryegrass and poa in many […] (full story)

Landowners will receive insights into oil and gas lease issues during daylong educational events April 30 in Oktibbeha County. “Balancing Farm Success with Oil and Gas Growth” is for agricultural […] (full story)

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are scheduled to travel to China next week to start a new round of face-to-face trade talks.  As the negotiations continue, […] (full story)

Read today's promising find and trading idea for the stock market.The Chart of the Day belongs to Kimberly-Clark (KMB). I found the stock by using Barchart.com to find the "Barchart New Highs" page and then I clicked on pull-down to select s... (full story)

It’s been a long winter in many parts of the country, with attitudes not helped by the weekly red ink we were seeing on the quote screens for a number of ag commodities. Cattle were the notable exception. However, we are now officially past the... (full story)

The annual Brown County Ag Day program, presented by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, is scheduled for April 9 at the Brown County Fairgrounds, 4206 US Highway 377 South, […] (full story)

The LSU AgCenter received confirmation from the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry that GB Sciences Louisiana is deemed suitable for full-scale operations. GB Sciences Louisiana can now commence full […] (full story)

Bearish Cattle on Feed? (full story)

Balance Sheet Changes to Spur Prices? (full story)

Wearing a respirator is critical for using certain pesticides safely. Under the Worker Protection Standard, employers of pesticide applicators are required to provide annual fit testing and respirator training to […] (full story)

Some wheat fields get planted late every year and adequate plant population and fall tillering may not have been achieved. As winter grains are greening up growers are able to […] (full story)

In this episode, Dan Kaiser, Lindsay Pease, Melissa Wilson, and Jeff Vetsch discuss phosphorus and potassium application in a late spring. Should growers be concerned when applying P and K […] (full story)

Strong demand... (full story)

The rapid snowmelt in Spring 2019 has caused instances of stored grain being inundated with floodwater. By current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy, flood-soaked grain is considered adulterated and […] (full story)

Still bullish (full story)

The market value of agricultural land in Nebraska declined by 3% over the prior year to an average of $2,650 per acre, according to the 2019 Nebraska Farm Real Estate […] (full story)

Despite overall high-reported yields in 2016, there were reports of corn ear formation issues that ranged from Dawson to Saunders counties in Nebraska and at sites in Kansas, the Texas […] (full story)

There has been a fair amount of discussion about medium-grain selection between Titan and Jupiter this spring.  Titan and Jupiter each have their own pros and cons.  Based on head-to-head […] (full story)

Spring weather has finally arrived and fieldwork will begin soon. Iowa State University research suggests cereal rye should be terminated at least 10-14 days prior to planting corn, so the […] (full story)

With the start of spring comes the start of allergy season, but not for some farm kids, researchers say. (full story)

Because of limited fall 2018 anhydrous ammonia fertilizer application, fertilizer infrastructure including transportation, distribution, and application may be stressed this spring. A review of application equipment considerations can help ensure... (full story)

Our weekly column looks at the exploding hog & bond markets. (full story)

The EPA will be requiring that anyone who purchases, mixes or applies a paraquat containing herbicide to take the “How to Safely Use and Handle Paraquat-Containing Products” online training module. […] (full story)

Throughout the Arkansas Delta, growers have eyed the first relatively dry week of weather since last September with cautious optimism. Stewart Runsick, staff chair for the Clay County Cooperative Extension […] (full story)

90 looks to be coming (full story)

(full story)

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